Auberdine and Reputation

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As much as Demis loved helping her own kind, she began to meet more and more night elves and found that the more she talked with them the more exciting they sounded. One day she woke up sitting up in bed she stretched and thought “Today I’ll go see Darnassus for myself.” She pulled on all her mail, picked up her sword and shield, and headed out the door. She walked over to the boat ramp and waited patiently for the boat. She began to fish while she waited and was only there a few hours. After taking the boat over to Auberdine she caught a boat to Darnassus. She found the city to be lovely and learned that she liked their mounts much more than her own races.

She began to research how she could get one of the Night Elf cats instead of her own mount. They told her all she had to do was become good friends with the Night Elf race, and help them out as she learned about the world. So back to Auberdine she went. She began running errands for all kinds of people, killing the undead, taking care of rabid bores, researching crystals, and all kinds of things. Slowly but surely she began to make friends and gain reputation. She hoped she would soon be able to ride one of the Night Elf mounts.


Must Have More!

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She was tired of this engineering thing. It was so silly! She made guns and dumb little things, and she could not understand why the Gnomes and Dwarves like it so. She was walking around talking to some of the guards when she discovered enchanting. It was wonderful! She could strip spells and attributes from one item and apply them to others. Her new found friend Cyndaria was a great help. She accepted much mail from Cyndaria who was forever sending her items to work with.

Crazy Murlocs

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Demis was wandering around Bloodymyst Isle with Enno and having a grand time exploring. She was also retriving items for several people back in town.  She headed down to the beach in hopes of relaxing and getting some sun.

As she approached the beach the only thing they found were murlocs. murlocs, murlocs and more murlocs. Together they began to clear the beach of the scum and found that there were far to many. After collecting a few nice items they finally gave up and called it a day before heading back to town.

Fishing Trip

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Demis had done much training in her warrior skills and decided she needed a break. Enno asked her to come join him and some others fishing in Loch Modan, it was perfect. She walked over there and talked to the flight master then headed down to the beach on the Loch. The sun was warm, the sand was soft, the fishing was good, the ale was fresh, and there was plenty to cook. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day.

As the sun began to set Enno got down on one knee in front of Demis and said, “Will you marry me?” It was extremely romantic. Everyone was quiet and watching her as she smiled and replied, “I’m sorry but I can not marry you. not yet. I hardly know you in that way. You are like a brother, my best friend, but not my lover.” She felt bad. Everyone was staring and watching and she was turning him down. But the truth was what she said, she thought of him as a brother or a best friend and not a lover. She liked his company but only as a friend. She had other priorities, such as to find her parents, complete her warrior training, helping the draenai and many other responsibilities that came first.

Cities of Azeroth

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At eleven seasons I decided to explore this new world. A guild mate named enno chose to accompany me and keep me from being lonely. First we set out to catch a boat that would take us from The Exodar over to Auberdine. In Auberdine we stopped and had a wonderful time fishing. I became much better at it during that little bit of time. From there we headed over to Darnasus where I trained in fishing and learned a few more cooking recipes that sounded Delicious. From there we had to travel back to Auberdine to catch a boat to Menethil harbor. Menethil harbor is a wonderful little seaside town where we stayed a night, we had fun partying and doing more fishing. From there Enno helped me make my way through the Wetlands and down to Ironforge. It was a grand city where I learned even more about cooking.

Next we took the underground tram. What a sight! I knew gnomes loved to create things but the tram was beautiful. It took us all the way down to Stormwind, the last of the alliance cities. Once again I went fishing and learned to cook. That is when Enno had to be off for some quest or another. I headed back to Ironforge where I did some questing of my own, and gained me twelfth season. I am very excited for I learned many new skills, though they were expensive.

The Beggining

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The blood elves had come as she held her mother’s hand and ran with everyone else. They all ran to the wing known as ‘The Exodar.’ When they tried to take off they found their engines had been sabotaged.


She survived the crash with only minor injuries. However, she knew nothing of her family’s fate. All she could do was use the power of the Naru two heal those she found. She healed and helped as many as she could back to the crash site. she also helped gather healing herbs and other supplies.

She was in her first season of adulthood and time to start training she had chosen to become a warrior and she would have to do that while helping survivors. She began to decide what her priorities were. First she needed to help the one did get to the crash site for healing. Stack and she would run errands for healers and such. There’d she would train to be a warrior. Fourth she would find her family. She was sure her family had survived that they were merely missing there were more important matters at hand such as lives and honor. This is the story of Demis.